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Why Choose Boloyo ?

Boloyo - Display waht you want

Boloyo For Your Home

Good as an artwork holder, tablet stand, cookbook rack, picture frame, magazine rack, sheet music or cd stand, recipe book, comic, picture stands for display

Boloyo For Your School

Display your art project, lesson plan, school project, announcement display, book, notebook, binder, report card, pamphlet

Boloyo For Your Office

Hold your business card, clipboard, index card, letters, portfolio, folder, document, office paper

Boloyo For Your Business

Match with ornament display stand , mini easel, light up letter board brochure, catalogue, flyer, cover, menu, announcement, table number holder

Boloyo Acrylic Product List

Perfect. These clear book stands were just what we needed to feature targeted books on our shelves, and when not in use, they stack easily for storage.

M. M.

The Boloyo 60-Degree Angle Acrylic Book Stands are a fine way to display larger pieces of china or small artwork. The stands were well packaged and arrived with a protective film on both sides to prevent scratches during shipping. They don't seem to be flimsy like some other acrylic stands I've seen and seem to be pretty solid. Using them is as simple as removing the protective film and then displaying your item. The 60 degree angle makes it suited to displaying large pieces of china such as plates or flat artwork.

Tetsu Uma

I'm not a collector or anything, but I do have a few vinyl albums, and I wanted to get this to display them in my home studio. I'm liking this vinyl record holder! It arrived promptly, and was carefully wrapped for shipment, so there were no scratches or anything upon arrival. It's such a simple design that there was no confusion while assembling the 4 parts. The clear acrylic material makes for a very minimal look, and allows the focus to remain on the albums, and not the stand (which I like).